Charlton Challenge is the clubs own award scheme for 5 - 15 year old boys and girls, delivered by the Community Trust qualified coaches, the challenge is a structured and progressive scheme to develop children's core football skills. The challenge is designed to create maximum enjoyment and involvement and to help your footballers realise their full potential.

Each course lasts for 12 weeks, where it concentrates on the game's essential skills - dribbling, passing, control and shooting. As well as improving co-ordination, balance, fitness and social skills. The Charlton Challenge is divided into three age groups each with 6 levels. 5 - 7 year, 8 - 11 years, 12+ years.

Each of the four skills are coached for two weeks then tested at the end of the course, there is then a presentation week on each level of the challenge. Children will then either progress to the next level or continue to develop their skills. Once all five levels have been achieved children will progress to the premier challenge.

On the Premier challenge, children receive a high level of coaching based on technique on the ball, movement off and on the ball, individual role and team play, and development of skills into match situations, Unlike the Charlton Challenge the premier is not test based therefore coaching is not geared towards passing a test, but more focused on development of a player.
The premier is a structured and progressive programme which allows the children to develop at their own pace.

The Charlton Challenge is very popular and is available at Edenbridge and Sevenoaks. For more information please see our site specific Sports Programmes or visit their website at