Go-Karting with The London Karting Company



Edenbridge and Sevenoaks Leisure Centre have been alive with the buzz of go-karts as The London Karting Company pulled into town. Wannabe Formula One drivers were given the chance to take a kart for a spin with this “F1 Karting Experience” as part of our NR-Gize summer programme for children.

With its large inflatable circuit and F1 style karts, the go-karting experience is a truly fun and exciting session for all children. Each child is allocated a full racing driver suit to get them into the part and given a full drivers briefing before the race starts. Once the teams have set off, full racing commentary is given over the 4 laps which creates a huge buzz of excitement for all involved. Each team competes in two races which have 4 laps; the speed of the karts is changed for the second race, making it even more exciting and energetic.

The London Karting Company provides a thoroughly entertaining session for all of the children and on looking adults – some adults even get to have a go at the end! If you’re looking for fun, energy, and an enthusiastic session, then go-karting is the one for you.

The London Karting Company will be returning to Edenbridge and Sevenoaks in the May half term, see our NR-Gize programme for more details. The sessions run for ages 4 – 11 years and costs £10.00 per person.


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