Mini-Beasts at White Oak Leisure Centre



Did you know? African Millipedes let out a foul stench if threatened. The harmless and gentle creatures use the foul smelling liquid as a deterrent to warn off those who have threatened it.

The Mini-Beasts creepy crawly session is fantastic for children and adults alike. If you want to get up close and personal with creepy crawlies whilst learning about the creatures – then this is the session for you.

Last summer holiday, Michael Tyler from Creepy Claws brought along many different species of creepy crawlies to White Oak Leisure Centre in Swanley. The creepy crawlies included African millipedes, snakes including Enzo the 5 year old python and Dynamo the 10ft, 2 stone Burmese python, a bearded dragon, a gecko, Sheldon and Shelley the tortoises, a scorpion, and most feared of all by the session, a tarantula. Michael showed off each of the species giving the children and adults an up close and personal interaction which enabled them to gain a true look at the creepy crawlies – the children even got to hold some of the mini-beasts.  

The session included exciting and informative facts on each of the mini-beasts which encouraged the children and adults to get involved and ask questions. Did you know a Burmese Python can weigh between 10-15 stone when fully grown?

Michael’s effervescent, friendly and enthusiastic attitude allowed the children to relax and face their fears by holding the likes of a Scorpion or Millipede. Michael’s in-depth knowledge allowed the children to learn about the mini-beasts whilst touching and looking at them.

This session with Creepy Claws was a truly fun and education experience for all ages. The intriguing and inquisitive creepy crawlies are a great source of entertainment for children and provide a fantastic, fun and education summer holiday activity.

Creepy crawly facts:

  • Tortoises can feel every part of their shell.
  • The largest tarantulas have a leg span of nearly 10 inches, or about the size of a dinner plate.
  • Millipedes are can live up to 7 years.
  • Pythons are constrictors, so they don’t have fangs. They do have back curving teeth that grab prey and don’t let it escape.
  • Scorpions have eight legs, a pair of pincers and a narrow segmented tail that often curves over their back, on the end of which is a venomous stinger.
  • Average bearded dragon can reach 16 to 22 inches in length. Males are larger than females. Tail is usually half of the body length.


You can find out more about Creepy Claws by visiting their website


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