Minions/Despicable Me Dance at Edenbridge Leisure Centre


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At Edenbridge Leisure Centre as part of our past summer NR-Gize prgramme, Toni, a qualified dance teacher from Pure Dance gathered all of her “Minions” at a Despicable Me/Minions dance party for 3 – 5 year olds. This fun and energetic session had all of the children showing off their best dance moves to songs from the hit films. The session also included some enthusiastic games to warm the children up and prepare them to dance the following 45 minutes away. Toni created imaginative games to include all of the children which involved the cleverly titled Gru says, stealing the moon and pulling the silliest Minion faces they could.

This session really appealed to all of the children, the fun and energy was clear to see and enjoyable for parents to watch. The children also had the chance to put forward their ideas of which dance moves should be included into the choreography. This involvement excited all of the children, resulting in them all showing their favourite personal dance moves. Toni then compiled ideas from the children to create dance routines to 3 different tunes which the children clearly loved.

This entertaining and exciting class is available for all children aged 3 – 5 years old and will most likely return in the half term. Booking in advance is a must.