Professor Poopenshtinken's Magical Mathletes



Within the past summer holiday, across all of our Sencio Community Leisure Centres, Professor Poopenshtinken and friends have been recruiting Magical Mathletes for “Mathletic” fun and games as part of our summer NR-Gize programme for children.

Confusing opponents with Number Chaos, getting to the top of the division with Multiplication Football, enjoying a game of Summer Volleyball, and racing around on the Numerical Parachute are just some of the exciting and educational games Professor Poopenshtinken has to offer. Magical Mathletes is a fast-paced session combining physical activity and problem solving - ideal for active minds and active bodies!

Children are able to have fun playing all of the exciting games, whilst learning and gaining more confidence in mathematics. Professor Poopenshtinken provides plenty of content that works parallel to the new national curriculum. Magical Mathletes is a fantastic way to give children a head start and confidence in maths before the next academic year. With a variety of exciting and informative activities, the children will learn things that will directly help them within the classroom upon returning to school.

With tons of activities, games, prizes, fun, competitions and new friends to be made, Professor Poopenshtinken’s Magical Mathletes is the perfect holiday activity for children – even certificates are handed out on completion of the class!

Professor Poopenshtinken and friends will be returning to our centres in the Summer. There are classes for ages 5 – 7 and 8 – 11 years and cost £8.00 per session. There are only a limited amount of places available so make sure to book in advance.

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