Toddler Swim has a number of activities which present a fantastic chance for toddlers to take their first steps towards water confidence and swimming lessons. It is brilliant value and is available to all.

The first step in teaching children to swim is to ensure they are confident and having fun in the water.  Our toddler swim sessions are a fantastic way of doing this and there are some fun games you can play at home in the bath to support the learning.  To help teach young children their first set of water skills try slowly working through the below fun tasks, either in our pool or at home in the bath where appropriate:

  • Running, hopping and skipping through the water
  • Getting hair wet - making it rain in the water, big and little splashes (try singing ‘It’s raining it’s pouring’ and use a watering can to pour water over their hair)
  • Floating like a twinkle star on front and back
  • Humming, whistling and blowing bubbles in the water – try to blow George the fishes birthday candles out...


Toddler Swim is available at Edenbridge and Sevenoaks Leisure Centres during term time & school holidays, programmes for each centre can be viewed below:

Edenbridge Play Programme (Floats & Fun)

Sevenoaks Play Programme (Floats & Fun)


Alternatively you can book your toddler in for a course of swimming lessons which are held at Edenbridge, Sevenoaks and White Oak.


We have a range of fun activities for toddlers and children in our pools along with Public Swim Sessions where you can bring your children along to swim with yoursleves.  Please note we operate an under 8s swim policy.


Edenbridge Term Time Pool Programme

Sevenoaks Term Time Pool Programme

White Oak Term Time Pool Programme