Why Weight at Sevenoaks Leisure Centre



Why Weight is a free 12 week adult weight management course run within Sevenoaks Leisure Centre by Sevenoaks District Council. Sencio Community Leisure receives funding for the class from the council in an initiative to enable people to lose weight and get fit. Each weekly class focuses on a particular subject with a nutritionist whether its food labels, portion sizes or even what to have when eating out. The session offers a weekly weigh-in and then a 30 minute gentle exercise class which members are free to join in with. The exercise class is specifically designed for the Why Weight members and includes a confidence boosting guidance talk which is given to encourage all members to achieve their weight or fitness goals.

The driving force and organiser of the class is Julie. Her truly effervescent, friendly and welcoming nature encourages each member to return week after week. The close knit class are a vibrant and eclectic mix of personalities which makes the exercising a fun and enjoyable experience. Laughter, fun and chat make the workout seem effortless and time flies by.

The class involves a variety of exercise circuits which tone bodies and keep members fit, including; the balance board, medicine ball repetitions, a punch bag, step ups whilst holding weights and an exercise ball. Julie encourages each member to do every exercise at least once on 1 minute rotations. Whilst the class are doing so, Julie encourages each individual and guides them on how to better the activity they are doing. Julie caters for everyone, if perhaps they are suffering with aches and pains or having difficulty with the exercises, she is on hand to help and advise. The positive guidance, encouragement and fun of the class has led to success stories within the group and many of the members have been attending for years and see the class as a positive life change.

Denise, who has now been a member for 4 years, explained “I originally joined the Gym with a friend and then one day I saw the fun of the Why Weight class and asked to join in – I’ve now been coming for four years.”

For just £1.90 a session (after completing your 12 week free course) you can have a truly enjoyable experience within a friendly, welcoming class run by a terrific leader. Most members are referred to the class by their GP as you will need to have a BMI of 28+ to qualify for the free course. Everybody is welcome to attend the classes which occur every Wednesday at 10:30 – 11:30 and Friday at 10:45 – 11:30. New members are instantly welcomed and will soon become an integral part of the team. If you are looking for fun, laughter and new friends all whilst losing weight and getting exercise, then the Why Weight group is for you.