Ab Blast

A gym-based full body workout with focus on the abdominal muscles. Suitable for all fitness levels and abilities.

Body Blast

An all-round workout improving your fitness involving weights and body weight exercises.

Functional Workout

A class within our Wellness area building muscle as well as working on stamina to achieve a more complete workout. Test your speed on various functional exercises including slam ball, kettlebells and battle ropes.


A total body workout made up of station-based exercises which will improve your fitness fast.


Sections of aerobics, toning and core; making sure we cover all aspects to reach your fitness goal.


An effective high repetition workout with Barbells! Designed to change the shape of your body.

Strength HIIT

A fast-paced high intensity interval training (HIIT) session using a variety of weights plus bodyweight movements to work all muscle groups and get you stronger, faster.


A strength, endurance and cardiovascular class using kettlebell weights. This class will work every muscle in your body, improve your fitness, develop your stabiliser muscles and make your body work harder – burning more calories. Suitable for all abilities as the instructor will tailor the exercise to suit your fitness level.


A total body workout made up of station-based exercises which will improve your fitness fast.

Monday’s class is 55 mins

Wednesday & Saturday’s classes are 60 mins


A mixture of body weight and weighted exercises designed to take you to your limit, in a friendly and enjoyable environment. All abilities welcome.


An effective, high-repetition workout with barbells. This form of weight training will make you lean, toned and fit.

Total Body Workout

Combining the fun of all classes, using different ways to improve your fitness, involving weights, kettlebells, swiss balls, resistance bands and body weight exercises – a great way to start your week.

Boxing Circuits

A high intensity, calorie blasting, circuit-based aerobics class with boxing pad work. Ideal for burning fat and improving cardiovascular fitness.


High intensity interval training using bodyweight-based moves that explode before rest periods to deliver quick results, burn calories and create all over body strength and fitness.

Functional Circuits

A circuit-based class using functional movements to help strengthen your entire body, work your core and increase your cardiovascular capacity while burning those calories. Suitable for all abilities.