The following rules and procedures are in place for your health and safety in the gym

  • Sanitize hands before entry
  • Please train alone. Spotting will not be permitted
  • Customers must maintain a 2 metre social distancing
  • Gym showers, hand dryers and hairdryers will all be currently unavailable
  • Customers will be limited to 20 minutes per piece of cardio equipment
  • Weights machines including cables will be limited a maximum of 10 minutes
  • Equipment is not to be shared
  • All equipment used must be cleaned immediately after use
  • Check in for your booking on time (do not arrive early or late)
  • Once your booking time has finished you must leave promptly via the designated exits
  • You must book in advance for your gym session
  • Keep left when moving around the gym and follow directional signage where available
  • Previous gym etiquette rules still apply
  • No bags or personal belongings will be allowed in the gym
  • Deadlifts will not be permitted until further notice


You must book your workout in advance either online or via reception

  • All-in-One members can book online or by calling reception
  • Non-members can book by calling reception. You will need to pay for your activity by card at the time of booking

When you book your activity with us, your name and contact details will be stored for 21 days in order to assist NHS Test and Trace. In the event of an outbreak, this will help to identify those who may have been in contact with the virus. Member details will be taken from the information on record while non-members will be asked to leave their name and phone number when booking

Remember to bring your membership card with you to swipe upon entry and update your contact details with us if necessary


These measures will be reviewed and amended as necessary

Last update: 17/12/20