It is here!

We are so excited to launch this brand new website.

We’ve been working hard together with digital experts YellowBall on this and hope that you will agree the improvements are immense.

Why did we change?

  • We were receiving feedback from our customers that it was hard to find what they were looking for on the old website. Especially on mobile, which wasn’t such a big thing at the time of developing the last website!
  • The teal background and widget layout wasn’t standing the test of time. We find that users prefer to use websites with a white background and lots of photos, so that’s what we’ve gone for this time. You may even recognise yourself in some of the photos we have used!
The old website

As Sencio runs four sites, all of which operate their own activities, getting all of the information onto one website in a clear and user-friendly way is quite a task. That’s why when we put our heads together with YellowBall, we came up with a main homepage for Sencio, from which you can see an overview of the organisation, followed by a choice of your local centre. Each centre has its own “mini-site”, to avoid confusion between the different centre’s activities.

Add your site to your bookmarks and go straight there to save time and a few clicks.

Edenbridge page: sencio.org.uk/edenbridge

Sevenoaks page: sencio.org.uk/sevenoaks

White Oak page: sencio.org.uk/whiteoak

Lullingstone page: sencio.org.uk/lullingstone

Online joining will be coming soon! So it will be even easier to join the Sencio community. We want non-members to be able to book activities and classes, join memberships and manage their own bookings as members do currently. If you are looking to join us while we are still working away at implementing this feature, simply pop in and the sales team will sign you up.

We’d love to receive your feedback on our sparkly new website! Pop an email to marketing@sencio.org.uk and let us know what you think.


Big thanks to Yellowball who have designed and developed this website with you, the customer, in mind.