New Year’s resolutions hardly ever work. They’re usually unrealistic, invariably unsustainable and inevitably destined for failure. They are though laudable in their intentions so we asked staff across our leisure centres for their tips as 2020 dawns.

“A diet is for life, not just for January. In fact, banish the word from your vocabulary all-together and, instead, just think about a balanced diet based on healthy eating most of the time. You can, and still should have, treats.”
Maxine James-Horne, Wellness manager

“Life’s too short to deprive yourself of all the things you enjoy. If you like a drink, stick to having it as a weekend treat. And remember there are less waist-busting options. For example, a gin or vodka with slimline tonic has around a fifth the calories of a pint of beer”
Phil Wyatt, Wellness manager

“Just don’t even bother with resolutions is my view, especially when it comes to fitness. The best advice I can give anyone is find something you’ll enjoy. If you enjoy it, you’ll stick with it.”
James Arnold, Wellness supervisor

“Want to lose weight? It’s this simple – expend more calories than you consume.”
Connor Reid, duty manager

“Find out what type of exercise suits you. You might be someone for whom an hour in the gym by yourself, away from all of life’s pressures, is bliss. Or that could be your idea of ‘hell’ and you’re better suited to a more structured class environment with the camaraderie of others.”
Molly Cope, fitness instructor

“Forget getting fixated on dates such as a wedding or holiday. You’ll most likely be setting yourself unrealistic goals and are probably unlikely to stick with it. Try and think of exercise and healthy living as a lifestyle choice. And small, progressive changes are the best way forward.”
James Davis, leisure attendant/lifeguard

“If, once you hit your stride with exercise, you fall off the wagon (it can happen to us all) don’t beat yourself up. Just re-set and get back to things. It’s no big deal. Unless you keep doing it!”
Karren Halil, centre manager

“Gyms aren’t for everyone and there are many ways to keep fit. Walking is excellent. And swimming is great, especially if you’re less mobile or have an injury or certain medical conditions.”
Georgia Bedford, fitness instructor


Wishing you a healthy and active 2020, from all at Sencio!