Edenbridge Leisure Centre has taken delivery of 12 machines that provide an alternative, low impact way to exercise for those with health conditions or mobility concerns that limit their basic routine or quality of life.


The ‘power assisted’ equipment is suitable for people who feel uncomfortable within a traditional gym environment and, although suitable for all ages, the aim is to support active ageing in older adults and those living with a wide range of long-term health conditions.


Unlike many exercise regimes that can strain the body, the toning tables are biomechanically matched to it and offer an all-round exercise regime that is effective but also, and importantly, kinder to joints.


“The crucial thing is that this isn’t a gym; you don’t even have to change clothing,” says Sencio Community Leisure chief executive Jane Parish. “This isn’t about ‘fitness’ as many of us traditionally view it, it’s about a variety of low impact exercises ideal for people with joint problems, osteoporosis, poor posture, mobility concerns and other health conditions.


“The machines are power assisted, so users do some of the work while the machines do their part. It’s a relaxed environment designed for use by anyone, although they will appeal to people who feel the gym isn’t for them but who want to improve their overall health, may be self-conscious about exercising in a traditional setting or who have a range of health issues.”


Developed in consultation with doctors and physiologists – and used by physiotherapists and rehabilitation facilities around the world – the machines offer exercises devised for those suffering from spinal and brain injuries, Multiple Sclerosis, strokes, and cardiac illness patients as well as people whose lives are affected by diabetes, fibromyalgia, arthritis and other conditions.


The Feel Good suite can be used at Edenbridge Leisure Centre for £31 per month. The cost includes unlimited sessions and the services of on-site, trained instructors who will explain the operation and benefits of each machine and advise on a routine appropriate to the individual. Free use of Edenbridge’s swimming pool is also included in membership.

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