Feel Good From Home

Home workouts from Shapemaster

Welcome to our page for Feel good members and anyone who wants to improve their fitness and mobility from home. These exercises are designed for older adults, those undergoing rehabilitation, or those with long term health conditions.

These resources have been created by Shapemaster, who are experts in this field and are now providing exercises that you can do from the comfort of your own home.

This page will be of particular use to Feel Good members.

Progression tests and record sheet

Use the exercise videos below to work on your mobility, fitness and strength, and download this pack to measure and record your progress.


Home Exercise Videos

Cardio Exercises

(Seated & Standing Alternatives)

Shapemaster physiotherapist Hannah demonstrates four exercises, marching, side-step, jabbing and squats, which can be performed in the standing position or chair based.

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Lower Limb, Leg Exercises

Hannah and Karen demonstrate some standing leg exercises to help strengthen the lower limbs.

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Posterior Chain exercises

Improve posture and balance

Physio Hannah demonstrates exercises which help strengthen the posterior chain of muscles, thereby
helping to improve posture and balance.

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Side Bend Stepper Movement & Stretching

Rachel demonstrates a side bend stepper exercise and stretch that can be done at home. Great exercises for anyone who has any respiratory issues, which may be as a result of Covid.

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Exercises to improve core control and improve flexibility

Part 1

Shapemaster physio, Hannah demonstrates movements that will help improve core control and support full body strength and flexibility.

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Cardio Chair Based Exercises

with core work

Hannah runs through some chair based exercises to help strengthen the core and get the heart pumping.

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Chair Based and standing low impact exercises

to strengthen the glutes

Rachel demonstrates some chair-based and low impact exercises which can help strengthen the glutes.

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