Swim England release new fact sheet on swimming as part of Covid-19 recovery

Are you looking for ways to rebuild and recover following Covid-19?

Swim England have released a new health fact sheet which focuses on the benefits of swimming as part of Covid-19 recovery.

Our three swimming pools across Kent are open and we have been running pre-booked sessions of Lane Swimming, which is a perfect activity for increasing fitness in a safe environment, plus Family Swimming to keep children and adults active and enjoying leisure time.

While these sessions have been popular, we understand that some people may still be unsure about returning to swimming pools and rejoining activities. Swim England’s fact sheet has been developed to help “break down of the barriers” users have regarding swimming currently.

“Swimming pools are safe and secure environments and they can play a key role in helping the nation recover from this pandemic.

“There is clear evidence that swimming and being active in the water has a positive impact on a range of physical and mental health conditions and is an activity that can help improve the overall health of people of all ages.

“Many people have struggled with their health and wellbeing throughout the coronavirus outbreak.

“This important fact sheet offers a range of top tips on how swimming can help after a Covid-19 infection and important advice to break down barriers and increase people’s confidence as they return to the water.” – Swim England chief executive, Jane Nickerson


“Swimming and other forms of water-based exercise offer numerous advantages compared to land-based exercise due to the weight-bearing benefits of buoyancy and the friction of water offering greater resistance and calorific expenditure compared to similar movements performed on land.

“The pressure of being submerged in water has also been demonstrated to reduce swelling, improve circulation and modulate paid responses.

“The unique properties of water make swimming perfect for people of all ages to exercise, those with injuries, impairments, long-term health conditions and particularly those who struggle to exercise on land.

“However, a range of misconceptions still exist and some may have the view that because they have a particular health condition, swimming is not for them.

“The Covid-19 pandemic has impacted on the health and wellbeing of many with existing health conditions and added to this are a whole range of new issues for those who have experienced, and might still be recovering from, Covid-19.

“This fact sheet will hopefully help those who are considering swimming again, or for the first time, to navigate some of the barriers and benefit from the ‘hug’ that only water can provide.” –  Swim England water wellbeing specialist, Andrew Power


The new fact sheet is available on Swim England’s Just Swim hub. For further information on this or other fact sheets in the series, contact health@swimming.org.


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