at Sevenoaks Leisure Centre

Sevenoaks Leisure Centre offers several accessibility features including:

  • Disabled toilets in the gym and pool areas
  • Disabled changing facilities in the gym and pool areas
  • Disabled showers in the gym and pool areas
  • Hoists to assist entry to the pool water
  • Elevators between floors
  • Several blue badge parking spaces
  • Staff are available in all areas of the centre for help and assistance
  • There is a slope with an easy incline to the centre entrance
  • The main doors open automatically
  • Reception is located in front of the entrance and is staffed at all times
  • The centre is well lit with contrasting colours between the floor and walls
  • The arts room is fully accessible with a disabled-friendly kitchen


If you require further information or would like to request additional support on your visit, please contact