Sevenoaks Pool Water Temperatures

Dear Sevenoaks Users

I am writing to update you all on the current position regarding the pool water temperatures, firstly we would like to apologise for the inconsistencies and thank you all for your understanding while we work to resolve the issues.

I would like to give you some information regarding the issues we are experiencing with the pool water temperatures and the measures we are taking to rectify. You are probably aware that we had two new Air Handling Units installed In December and since then we have been experiencing issues with the pool water temperature. The units have improved the humidity which was the problem we were previously experiencing and was causing damage to the fabric of the building however, the new units have unfortunately resulted in this new issue materialising. We are working with the Contractor, manufacturer and Sevenoaks District Council to get this resolved as soon as possible. We have had the manufacturer out a number of times and our next meeting is booked for the 25th May to review all the results we have been obtaining. Hopefully we can agree a way forward to resolve the issues once and for all. Currently the units are stand alone and require human intervention in the case of a system failure which could be caused for a number of reasons such as a power surge or loss of power. We are therefore working with the Council to write up a specification to upgrade the Building Management system (BMS); this will manage the whole plant 24/7 and make the necessary alterations automatically to ensure the pool is operating to the required set temperature points. There is a lot of work required in writing up the specification and the engineer has been onsite for over a week to gather all the relevant information. Once this has been written up it will be subject to a tender process – this is a required process as the cost of the works will exceed £100K. The Council will then decide on the preferred contractor and place the necessary order; we expect this whole process to take around three months. In the meantime we are monitoring the water temperatures every 3hrs and manually adjusting the plant to maintain the required temperatures. Please be assured we are trying our best to keep on top of this situation and would ask for your patience and understanding. I will make sure I keep all users informed of the progress we are making.

Kind Regards

Karren Halil

Centre Manager