Swim lockers

At Sevenoaks Leisure Centre

Use of swim lockers

All swimmers: Clothing and non-swim related items now cannot be left on poolside. Chairs around the poolside will be removed, so you must use the lockers provided.

Lockers are accessed by a non-refundable 20p coin.

Swim members: We have re-introduced free members-only swim lockers. To use one of these dedicated lockers, all you need to do is:

  1. Swipe in for swim as normal
  2. Pick out locker key from container
  3. Place small clip on your card
  4. Slot your card into A-Z sorter under the first letter of your last name

And to return the key:

  1. Locate membership card
  2. Re-clip small clip onto the locker key
  3. Place locker key in returns container to be sanitised for next use

Please abide by the system for the safety of customers and staff otherwise we will reconsider their use.

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