Activities at Sevenoaks

Re-opening safely

Centres are currently closed until further notice. Please read the update linked below to learn more.

When we can welcome you back to Sevenoaks Leisure Centre, you will find here details for the activities available. Measures and restrictions will be reviewed and amended as necessary.

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We are managing maximum numbers within the centres, so all activities are limited to maximum users. Book in advance to secure your place.

Members can book online, while non-members can book by calling reception. If you haven’t booked an activity with us before, we will need to set you up with an account so that you can book and pay in advance by calling us on 01732 470700

We are now accepting new members! Contact to enquire

Members can pre-book gym sessions online or over the phone. Between each session, we will be closing the gym for thorough cleaning and sanitizing. Non-members can also book a session for £10.90, but you will need to complete an induction (£21.00) before working out with us. Contact us to arrange your induction.

Gym rules:

  • Sanitize hands before entry
  • Please train alone. Spotting will not be permitted
  • Customers must maintain a 2 metre social distancing
  • Gym showers, hand dryers and hairdryers will all be currently unavailable
  • Customers will be limited to 20 minutes per piece of cardio equipment
  • Weights machines including cables will be limited a maximum of 10 minutes
  • Equipment is not to be shared
  • All equipment used must be cleaned immediately after use
  • Check in for your booking on time (do not arrive early or late)
  • Once your booking time has finished you must leave promptly via the designated exits
  • You must book in advance for your gym session
  • Keep left when moving around the gym and follow directional signage where available
  • Previous gym etiquette rules still apply
  • No bags or personal belongings will be allowed in the gym
  • Deadlifts will not be permitted until further notice

Changing rooms will not be available. Lockers are available, for which you will need your own padlock.

Some equipment will be in the sports hall, which you can use within the marked areas. Please no not drop any weights onto the floor in the sports hall.

Swim sessions are held with 30 minutes between each session for thorough cleaning.

Lane swimming:

  • The main pool will be divided into three or six lanes of fast, medium and slow

Changing and showering:

  • Changing rooms and lockers will be available
  • Limited showers will be available post-swim
  • Please arrive wearing your costume and exit the centre promptly via designated exits once your session has ended

The teaching pool 

  • The pool is divided into two for 2x families to attend. Bookable online. Will be lifeguarded by 1 lifeguard on a single zone basis



  • Check online or contact us directly for timetable, user guidance and booking instructions
  • Beach-style turn up and swim. Arrive wearing your costume underneath clothes. Changing rooms will be available
  • We encourage swimmers to shower directly before leaving home. Showers will not be available at the pool prior to swimming
  • Showers will be available in the communal area for a post-swim shower. Showers in the toilet areas will not be in operation due to social distancing rules
  • Please follow directional signage when entering and exiting the changing village and pools
  • Use hand sanitiser/wash stations wherever made available
  • Please keep an eye on your booking times. Times will not be extended
  • Hairdryers and hand dryers will not be available

In the pool

  • Choose your lane using the fast, medium and slow signs and by watching those already swimming. Please do not overtake whilst swimming. Before pushing off at each turn, check to see if anyone faster is approaching
  • Allow faster swimmers to pass you at the end of each length. Move to the edge of the lane and turn your head away
  • If you are continually being passed please consider moving to a slower lane
  • If you change to a slower stroke as part of your session, think about moving lanes
  • When stopping to rest or catching your breath, please be mindful that others are still using the lane. Keep yourself to the edge of the lane allowing others to turn at the wall, turning your head away and allowing others to maintain social distancing measures
  • If using equipment such as kick boards or pull buoys, consider moving to a slower lane temporarily so you do not hinder others swimming full strokes
  • Please follow the directional signs and move across to the appropriate side of the lane for each length
  • Always attempt to maintain appropriate social distance between yourself and another swimmer
  • Do not stop to chat. The lifeguards will be vigilant in stopping conversations
  • Stay hydrated by bringing your own full water bottle onto poolside during your swim
  • Pool equipment will not be available. This will include, floats, kickboards and noodles. Please bring your own if you wish to use and ensure it is clean and identifiable as your own. The use of snorkels is prohibited at present
  • People of different standards and abilities will use the pool. Please respect their right to enjoy their swim
  • Do not make physical contact with other participants
  • Lifeguards are here for everyone’s safety. If they ask you to adhere to the above guidance, your cooperation will be appreciated. Failure to respect guidelines may result in your being asked to leave the pool
  • When your booked session ends, you will be asked to leave the pool by the lifeguard sounding a sharp whistle blast. Please leave the promptly via the designated route. Pools will need to be promptly reset, cleaned and ready for the next session

Leaving the pool

  • Please follow directional signage when exiting the pools
  • Showers will be available in the communal area for a post swim shower. Please be mindful of other users who will also wish to shower, by limiting your showering time
  • Spend as little time as possible in the changing rooms and follow our guidance on maintaining safe levels of distance
  • Take all of your belongings with you


Please note: We are working to ensure the pool water is effective against killing the virus. The pool water therefore has higher chlorine content than usual, as advised by PWTAG

Pool Programme

A new class programme is in place with restricted numbers to allow sufficient distancing between participants.

If your class uses a mat, you are encouraged to bring your own.

Class programme

Sport will not be available at Sevenoaks Leisure Centre until further notice.

The sports hall is being used for additional gym capacity and to allow adequate distancing between members during classes, some of which will be taking place in the sports hall.

We will be re-introducing clubs once we are open and are able to fully assess the requirements of the club. Clubs will need to submit full risk assessments and evidence of the social distancing measures in place, in addition to proof of accordance with government guidance for the sport.

Last updated: 16/11/20